Jamie Anderson, Singer - Songwriter - Parking Lot Attendant

cover of the new cd: better than chocolate

  • All songs written by Jamie Anderson. She also produced this release and ate copious amounts of dark chocolate.

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    Here are the songs from Better Than Chocolate -- click on 'expand' to see details.

    1. January expand | collapse

    2. Public Radio expand | collapse

    3. My Dad Loves to Sing expand | collapse

    4. Her Problem Now expand | collapse

    5. Ghost Song expand | collapse

    Front and back photos by Janice Rickert. Band photo on back by Woodland Willow Photography. Design by Sally Rogers Devine at Red Horse Graphics. Mastering by Charlie Pilzer at Airshow.

    Many thanks to Linda M. Betzer (in loving memory of Candace A. Prebil), Tracy Boland and Deb Quentel, BJ Burch, Robin D. Gelman, Patrice Huettl, Cheryl Hruby, Pat Laberge, Brandie Mann, Bonnie Maxwell and Crystal Henry, Sue Norton-Scott and Will Scott, Connie Russell, Cynthia Stranis, and Martha Young.

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