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Drive All Night, 2014.

“A piece of lesbian history from the girl with a guitar who truly sang for her supper. Jamie brings the road to you in color and out loud.” – Suzanne Westenhoefer

An Army of Lovers: Women’s Music of the Seventies and Eighties, 2019, Bella Books.

“Thank you, Jamie, for climbing the hurdles to write a book about feminist expression and lesbian identification through song. For chronicling women’s music from personal transformation to songs to concerts to community building. Many have tried, few have made it to the finish line.” – Holly Near

For the music industry: musician bios - one sheets - press releases - web content

"When it came time to write a new biography, Jamie Anderson stepped up and delivered. She has a great writing style and I now have a biography that tells the story way better than I could have done. Hire her!" - Debra Cowan, singer
"Jamie is an accomplished writer with a talent for "getting" the artist. She has written two press releases for me, and she nailed both of them... on time and at a very reasonable price." - Linq, performing artist

For media: blogs - books -- magazines - newsletters

Published in Acoustic Guitar, AfterEllen.com, Curve, Indie-Music.com, Minor7th.com, SingOut! and more
"As a contributing writer for Sing Out! magazine, Jamie Anderson has consistently done excellent work, meeting deadlines and completing her assignments in a most professional manner, whether submitting reviews or completing article-length assignments, all while exhibiting a deep passion for folk and independent music." -- Blaine Waide, Managing Editor, Sing Out!
"At Minor 7th, Jamie's music reviews don't just give a thumbs-up or down, but strive to give a little peek into the heart of the singer-songwriter and offer up why he or she might be laying their soul so bare." -- Alan Fark, editor, Minor7th.com
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