Guitar Lessons by Jamie Anderson

“Thanks for giving L such a great entrance to music!”

– M. Wieleba

“Jamie is an amazing instructor! She has a way of teaching where her students not only learn how to play the instrument, but also how to perform and write music. My son was new to guitar, and needed a positive, encouraging teacher. Jamie was a perfect fit!” 

— Wendi Austin

Looking for guitar lessons?

I’ve been playing guitar for almost 50 years, and have been teaching since 2000. I’m happy to teach any skill level, from beginners to more advanced players, and kids and adults. I teach many different styles — blues, bluegrass, country, folk, pop, rock, and more.

Learn blues licks, power chords, bar chords, how to solo, scales, new songs, fingerpicking, strums, how to sing and play, tips for enhancing your original songs, help for learning by ear, rhythm – whatever you want. It’s your lesson!

Please email me if you’re interested in guitar lessons. I have a long waiting list so it may be a few weeks or months before I have an opening for you. If you can’t wait I’d be happy to recommend other teachers.

Students at a guitar recital

Contact me about current rates, refund and cancellation policies and more.