Check out her YouTube Channel. Lots of guitar, ukulele and mandolin lessons.

Jamie offers private lessons via Skype and sometimes teaches classes at community centers, colleges and festivals. Please note that there are no openings currently. If you’d like to be on the waiting list, please use the form on the home page. Expect a delay of a few months. Sorry for the wait. 

Lessons are once a week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, afternoons and evenings ET, 1/2 hour, payable via PayPal. Canadians can also pay via bank transfer. Please write for current rates. 

  • guitar 
  • mandolin
  • ukulele 
  • songwriting 

About Jamie

When Jamie was in her teens, she picked up one of her dad’s guitars and never gave it back. After memorizing every chord in a Mel Bay songbook, she learned songs by James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and other singer-songwriters. Along the way she started writing her own songs, doing gigs and recording.

Jamie toured full time as a singer-songwriter for 13 years. Between gigs she taught at Duke University and the ArtsCenter, both in North Carolina. When she got tired of long drives and lumpy sofa beds, she switched to teaching full time although she still performs in the US and Canada. 

Jamie remembers what it was like to learn that first chord, strumming it over and over again until her mom came into her room, inquiring if she intended to learn anything else. When Jamie sits down with a beginning student, she can take herself back to that place, teaching with empathy and patience. Likewise with a more advanced student, teaching everything from “Smells Like Teen Spirit” to “Blackbird.” Although teaching started out simply as an activity to do between tours it’s turned into something she genuinely loves doing.

“You’ve been a patient and talented influence on Carter. Your guidance has encouraged his interest in the guitar to what I’m sure will be a life-long passion.Thank you!”

— John Dinyari

“Words can’t express my gratitude and thrill of having worked with you these past two years. The desire to learn to play the guitar and mandolin came out of nowhere for me and now I feel like I am somewhere I’ve never been. I have a new passion. All thanks to you.”

— Claudia Fulshaw