An Army of Lovers book cover

An Army of Lovers: Women’s Music of the Seventies and Eighties, 2019

“The women’s music networks were for many of us where we gathered to sing and stomp and share the pulsing rhythms of our lives. This book captures that sense of exhilaration, enthusiasm and possibility so many of us celebrated. What it also does is detail the history of how women rewrote the rules of production and distribution, putting together all kind of women who could rent a theater or church or basement hall so that we could come together and sing the lyrics that detailed what we hoped to accomplish—a revolutionary poetry, an alternative network of women making their own way in the world. When there were no spaces where we could hear our musicians, we made those spaces and along the way remade the rules for what women could accomplish on the neighborhood level. I stood in those crowds, sang along with Meg Christian and Casse Culver and women who played rock & roll and bluegrass and all the music that echoed in my bloodstream. Jamie Anderson has caught the lightning and put it on the page.” — Dorothy Allison (Bastard Out of Carolina)

Drive All Night, 2014.“A piece of lesbian history from the girl with a guitar who truly sang for her supper. Jamie brings the road to you in color and out loud.” – Suzanne Westenhoefer

Freelance Writer

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For the music industry: musician bios – one sheets – press releases – web content

“When it came time to write a new biography, Jamie Anderson stepped up and delivered. She has a great writing style and I now have a biography that tells the story way better than I could have done. Hire her!” – Debra Cowan, singer

“Jamie is an accomplished writer with a talent for “getting” the artist. She has written two press releases for me, and she nailed both of them… on time and at a very reasonable price.” – Linq, performing artist

For Media: blogs – books — magazines – newsletters

Published in Acoustic Guitar, AfterEllen.com, Curve, Indie-Music.com, Minor7th.com, SingOut! and more

“As a contributing writer for Sing Out! magazine, Jamie Anderson has consistently done excellent work, meeting deadlines and completing her assignments in a most professional manner, whether submitting reviews or completing article-length assignments, all while exhibiting a deep passion for folk and independent music.” — Blaine Waide, Managing Editor, Sing Out!

“At Minor 7th, Jamie’s music reviews don’t just give a thumbs-up or down, but strive to give a little peek into the heart of the singer-songwriter and offer up why he or she might be laying their soul so bare.” — Alan Fark, editor, Minor7th.com

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Selected Credits

Appearances with:

  • Kate Clinton
  • Ellis
  • Stephen Fearing
  • Tret Fure
  • Holly Near
  • Suzanne Westenhoefer
  • Cris Williamson

Clubs and Coffeehouses:

  • ArtsCenter / Carrboro, NC
  • Berger Center / Tucson, AZ
  • Black Sheep Inn / Wakefield, QC
  • Bluebird Café / Nashville, TN
  • Bodles Opera House / Chester, NY
  • Bull Run Restaurant / Shirley, MA
  • Café Lena / Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Charlotte’s Web / Rockford, IL
  • Circle of Friends Coffeehouse / Franklin, MA
  • Focus Inn / Alexandria, VA
  • Freight and Salvage / Berkeley, CA
  • Ginkgos Coffeehouse / St. Paul, MN
  • Godfrey Daniels / Bethlehem, PA
  • John Ansen Ford Theater / Los Angeles, CA
  • Kuumbwa Jazz Ctr / Santa Cruz, CA
  • Mtn. Moving Coffeehouse / Chicago, IL
  • MCC Church / Columbia, SC
  • Pikes Peak MCC / Colorado Springs, CO
  • Rasputin’s / Ottawa, ON
  • Swallow Hill / Denver, CO
  • Tin Angel / Philadelphia, PA
  • Traditions Café / Olympia, WA
  • Watchung Arts Center / Watchung, NJ

Colleges and Universities:

  • Bowling Green State / OH
  • California State / Sacramento
  • Duke University / Durham, NC
  • Maui Community College / Maui
  • New Mexico State / Las Cruces
  • Oregon State / Corvallis
  • Smith College / Northampton, MA
  • Univ of Illinois / Urbana
  • Univ of Iowa / Iowa City
  • Univ of Minnesota / Minneapolis
  • Univ of Minnesota / Morris
  • Univ of Oklahoma / Norman
  • Univ of Tennessee / Knoxville
  • Univ of Wyoming / Laramie

Festivals (main stage) and other large events:

  • Alaska Women’s Festival / AK
  • Calliope Fest / FL
  • CampOut / VA
  • Centerfest / NC
  • Festival for the Eno / NC
  • Kerrville Folk Festival / TX
  • Michigan Women’s Music Festival / MI
  • National March on Washington / DC
  • National Women’s Music Festival / OH
  • Ohio Lesbian Festival / OH
  • Olivia Tour / West Indies
  • Red Roof Women’s Festival / Kingston, ON
  • Southern Women’s Music Festival / FL, GA
  • Tomboy Girl Fest / WI
  • Tucson Folk Festival / AZ
  • White River Folk Festival / IN
  • Wiminfest / NM

Radio Airplay:

  • Car Talk
  • Dr. Demento
  • People’s Pharmacy
  • River City Folk
  • Sirius Out Q
  • This Way Out
  • WFMT Midnight Special (pick hit for March 2005)
  • Many folk, gay and women’s programs

TV Airplay:

  • Good Morning America

Passed on a staircase:

  • Pat Benatar

Almost run over in a parking lot by:

  • John Gorka

Met in the street:

  • Janis Ian