Jamie Anderson, Singer - Songwriter - Parking Lot Attendant

cover of the new cd: dare


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Produced by Jamie Anderson and Chris Rosser
Tsunami Recordings -- Ottawa, Ontario

This album is lovingly dedicated to Gary Anderson, the boy who wanted to fly.

  • Recorded and mixed by Chris Rosser, at Hollow Reed Arts in Asheville, NC
  • Mastered by Michael Hynes at Nomatic Studio
  • Duplicated by Oasis CD
  • Photos by Woodland Willow Photography (Monika Shakinovsky)
  • Design by Sally Rogers Devine at Red Horse Graphics

All songs written by Jamie Anderson (BMI) ©2006 – 2013, except "The Dream," lyrics by Lois Hoover and music by Jamie Anderson, © 2012 Lois Hoover and Jamie Anderson

  • Jamie Anderson – lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, Dad’s ukulele
  • Kara Barnard – acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin
  • River Guerguerian – cajon, doumbek, drum set, kanjira, riq, shakers
  • Chris Rosser – keyboards, cumbus-oud
  • Tory Trujillo – backing vocals
  • Eliot Wadopian – string bass, fretted and fretless six-string basses

Here are the songs from Dare -- click on ‘expand’ to see details.

1. Dare expand | collapse
Inspired by a conversation I had with a woman in a bar. Be careful what you say to a songwriter.

2. Black and White expand | collapse
Inspired by something my friend Ted Warmbrand says. He’s a songwriter, too, so I told him if he wasn’t going to write the song, I would. He gave me the go-ahead.

3. Run expand | collapse
This was written with input from my Facebook friends. Sadly, most of these things are true. I made up the one about the tattoo, though, because "bum" is a good rhyme for "run." However, don’t do what I did, and google "ugly butt tattoo" because your retinas will be forever burned.

4. Mamaw’s Roses expand | collapse

5. Bellydancer expand | collapse

6. Yoga Teacher expand | collapse
I actually love my yoga teacher and not for the reasons outlined here.

7. The Dream expand | collapse
Words by Lois Hoover
Music by Jamie Anderson

I wrote my first songs back in the 70’s with Lois. We lost contact in the 80’s and then found each other recently. She told me she wasn’t writing poetry anymore, but a few months later, I found these words in my inbox. I wrote a melody and performed it at the National Women’s Music Festival in 2012. She was in the front row.

8. Holy Place expand | collapse
I started this one because I was mad at someone who’d cut off communication with me. Then I heard Dolly Parton in an interview, talking about someone similar in her life, and she said, “Honey, get off the cross, somebody needs the wood.” I took the religious imagery and ran with it.

9. The Boy Who Wanted to Fly expand | collapse
When going through some of Dad’s things, I found the crayon drawing mentioned in the first verse. For the recording, I played his ukulele.

10. Carla Williams Kissed Me expand | collapse
"Carla Williams" sings better than her real name. Carla is a real person, though. I heard about her from my friend and fellow songwriter Jamie Purnell. When he was in high school (or maybe it was middle school) and the most popular girl in school, Carla Williams, asked him to help her with her math homework, he excitedly thought she was asking him out. Turned out, she just wanted help with her homework.

11. For Love expand | collapse
If you’re from immigration … or Alberta … please remember that this is comedy.

I really do miss living in the US, especially great Mexican food and my mom. Not necessarily in that order.

12. The Lucky Ones expand | collapse
I wrote this after overhearing a conversation that broke my heart.

13. Hold Me expand | collapse

14. Menopause Mambo expand | collapse
I have an older song, "Menstrual Tango." After extensive personal research, I’ve written a sequel.

Rachel, feel free to call me.

Big thanks to Gail Dorks Anderson – this album wouldn’t have been possible without your generous support – and to everyone else who had a hand in getting it done, from housing to funding to helping me choose the songs: Jacque Allen and Barbara Benisch, April Applegate, Jim Bossert, Denise Breard, Deb Brewster, Kathleen Burns, Anne M. Fete, Pat Laberge, Larry Fenske, Ellie Grace, Suzy Higgins, Mary Hocks, Lois Hoover, Valerie Horton, Gini Ingram, Leslie D. Judd, Mark Knox, Mary Alicia Lyons and Paula Childers, Michelle Marquand and Debra Brewer, Karen Munro-Caple, Sue Norton-Scott and Will Scott, Claudia Pitts, Janice Rickert, Jo Tickle, Ronald Waite, Trish Williams, Chris Wilson, Lorali Wyant and Jill Waller, anonymous, and all of the musicians who went the extra mile (note?). Chris Rosser, I promise you can scat sing on the next album.